1992 Fiat Uno 60 S

  • First Registered - 21/12/1994
  • Mileage - 31,290
  • MoT Expiry - 13/04/2019
  • Just 4 Former Keepers
  • Totally Original, Down to the Grundig Stereo
  • Very Clean & Straight Survivor
  • One of Just 21 60S Models Left On Uk Roads
  • Original Supplying Dealer Plates Still In Place!


I cannot recall the last time we saw an Uno like this. Amongst Fiat's greatest sales successes, the perennial little city-car was once almost omnipresent wherever you were driving, but they are now a very rare sight indeed. To be precise, this is one of just twenty-one 60S examples left in the UK and is one of only two survivors to have been born in 1992. Which makes its outstanding condition all the more remarkable.

A very low mileage example (just 31k on the clock!) and outstandingly original. Down to the tiniest of details like the period stickers in the windows, the original supplying dealer plates still sitting proudly on the car and the Grundig cassette player functioning perfectly; this is as close to timewarp as you're likely to find. Always garaged, there is genuinely no rust anywhere - not even in the usual Uno weak points. In fact, almost uniquely I'd imagine, this car has never, not once, received a single advisory for corrosion on any MoT test! We sourced the car from an Uno-addict who over the years has had, at last count, 12 varying models and specifications and he was unequivocal that this humble little 60S was, by far, the best of the bunch.

Having driven it a few hundred miles ourselves, and gone through it with a fine-toothed-comb, we can only concur with his glowing review. We've replaced the timing belt and water pump, replaced the brake master cylinder, refreshed a couple of bits of worn trim and spent many hours detailing it to get it looking as fresh as it does in the pictures below and the HD video above. While these images clearly show how clean and straight the car is, unfortunately they can't translate just how well it drives too. By today's standards, being behind the wheel is a pretty sparse experience (no power steering, no electric windows, no ABS) but that doesn't mean it's lacking in the fun factor. Ask anyone who has owned any Fiat powered by the superb, buzzy little FIRE unit and if they don't reminisce with a smile on their face, I'd be amazed!

You don't really get a lot for just £2000 in the classic car market right now. But, honestly, I don't know what more you'd want than this charming little Uno; excellent condition, low mileage, totally original, unrestored, perfectly usable. reliable and nothing short of a time machine back to Fiat's heyday.


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