Alfa Romeo 156 (2003 On) Twin Spark / JTD / V6 / GTA Engine Bay Sticker Set


Alfa Romeo 156 (2003 On) Twin Spark / JTD / V6 / GTA Engine Bay Sticker Set


A set of 11 individual stickers, faithfully reproducing the original under bonnet warning and guidance stickers fitted to the various versions of the Alfa Romeo 156 saloons and Sportwagon estates built after, roughly, 2003 (for the earlier style, see the other version in our store). These include the different Twin Sparks, the JTS, the 2.5 V6, the 1.9 / 2.4 JTD and the 3.2 GTA. Many of these items are long since no longer available from the manufacturer. Printed here in the UK with a high quality matt laminated finish, which will withstand a lot more than the original paper thin examples and can easily be wiped clean should any spillages occur or oily rags be left on them. Perfect for any obsessive detailer who likes their engine bay sparklingly clean, or for those sticklers for originality striving for a near concours finish!

This set includes:

  • Oil & Fluid Guidance (white, not red as per earlier cars)

  • Electronic Interference Warning 

  • Belt Warning 

  • Original Spares Warning 

  • Hot Surface Warning 

  • Headlight Dip 

  • Header Tank Cap Warning 

  • Fan Warning 

  • Air Conditioning Gas Warning 

  • Power Steering Fluid Reservoir 

  • Brake Fluid Reservoir

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