Purchase Inspection

If you're currently looking to invest in a classic or collectable Italian car but are bit unsure of the pitfalls to look out for, why not gain peace of mind by having us inspect it for you prior to purchase? We've been working with these cars for many years and have travelled up and down the country acquiring vehicles for our own stock so are, by now, pretty well versed in the process. We can inspect any prospective purchase on your behalf, collating an extensive report for you, including detailed photos and videos, covering:

  • Service History & Provenance
  • Bodywork & Paint Condition
  • Interior Upholstery
  • Glass & Brightwork
  • Lights & Electrical Components
  • Visible Check of Brakes, Tyres, Oil/Fuel Leaks
  • Road Test (if applicable)
  • Estimate on Any Required Repairs
  • Valuation Advice

And all this starting from just £60 + VAT.


If you'd like to book in a Purchase Inspection, please feel free to contact us.