Auction Report - ACA 16th June 2018, Classic Car Sale

While perhaps not as bountiful for us Italophiles as their sale back in April, ACA's June auction still boasted seventeen various Italian cars for us to peruse. This wealth of choice covered six decades of Italian deisgn and engineering, ranging from a 1947 Fiat Topolino right up to a 2007 Alfa Romeo Brera. Standing out for us when first flicking through the catalogue were the Fiat 128 CL, a very unusual RHD 3.0 12v V6 916 Spider and a 12k-mile Fiat Panda 1000CL.


As per usual, there were no shortage of bidders on the day (for anyone planning a visit to the next sale, we'd advise you get there on the Friday, the preview day, because you simply can't get near the cars for a proper inspection on the sale day itself). With nearly 80% of the 280 lots selling on the Saturday, there was no sign of the classic car market in general slowing down. More specifically, however, the Italian contingent conversely delivered some bargain buys and some very surprising no-sales.

Below we detail each Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Lancia and Maserati entered (swipe through the photos with the arrows for all images) and reveal their sale prices.

1988 Fiat Panda 750 L

Looking a bit unloved with no shortage of tidying needed, but still a usable classic with an MoT through to December 2018 and only 55,600 miles on the clock. Looks cheap to us.

SOLD £580

1978 Fiat 128 CL Estate

The car of the day for us. A very rare, and some might say eccentric, model with a huge amount of history and provenance including a photo album of the restoration from circa 2010. Being ultra-picky, the paint finish was a bit orange peely (but certainly no worse than it would have been from the factory!) and the upholstery showed its age, but where would you be able to find another? Gutted we didn't get to bring this back to Norwich's Little Italy.

SOLD £3604

1972 Lancia Fulvia Berlina S2

What other 70s' era Lancia can you pick up for this sort of money? Yes, it might not be a handsome headturner like the Fulvia Coupe, but we still think the Berlina has its own unique charm. We were seriously interested in this but the paintwork was a little too far gone and, with our current workload, we weren't keen on another full-on project.

SOLD £3604

1988 Fiat Bertone X1/9

All things considered, a fairly average example of the X1/9. The front panel needed some attention, some bubbling to the bottom of the doors and, overall, she needed some TLC. But, with the figures decent icsunonoves are reaching these days, we expected this to at least reach the lower estimate.

UNSOLD (Est. £2600 - £3200)

2003 Alfa Romeo 147 GTA

This GTA wore it's 105k miles pretty well, actually. Far from concours and a few too many modifications for our personal taste, but it would certainly have cleaned up very well. In our opinion, this was a better buy than the black GTA sold in January's auction for £9,752.

SOLD £7420

1990 Fiat Panda 1000 CL

Another star-car for us. Although the mileage reading of 12,370 is pretty hard to believe given it has passed through 6 owners and a distinct lack of history was on show, it was never-the-less a very decent Panda. Very clean and straight, some nice period touches like the OE mudflaps and spotlights and, yes, we're kicking ourselves we didn't win the bidding.

SOLD £2000

1971 Alfa Romeo GT 1300 Junior

This read a lot better on paper than it appeared in the metal. Husband and wife owned since brand new, 27k warranted miles and 'restored' 10-15 years ago. In reality, it needed a lot of money spent on it again, with some very poor paintwork to rectify. A very strong price, in our opinion.

SOLD £21,200

2007 Alfa Romeo Brera SV V6 JTS Q4

The very first Brera we've seen included in a classic sale. It seemed in presentable condition, while not immaculate, and could well be a sensible buy for the future, but we don't see the GM V6 unit ever being as desirable as the much-lauded Busso. Bidders seemed to agree as it went unsold.

UNSOLD (Est. £6000 - £8000)

2007 Alfa Romeo GT 2.0 JTS Blackline

A second attempt for this low-mileage Blackline, following a no-sale back in April. While the speedo' reading of circa 32k miles is a boon, the condition of the car didn't neccessarily match this (very obvious paint 'blow-in' on the front bumper, for example). Estimated too highly, in our opinion.

UNSOLD (Est. £3750 - £4500)

2002 Maserati Cambiocorsa Coupe

Still smarting from being underbidders on a bargain Maserati 3200 in an ACA sale last year, this 4200 looked like an exceptionally cheap entry into supercar ownership. Yes, it had it's cosmetic flaws and maybe it's not in the best colour, but under the bonnet is a 4.2-litre, Ferrari-shared V8 engine producing 385bhp and a noise that simply cannot be described. Under £10k for all that?!

SOLD £9540

1947 Fiat Topolino 500 'A' Convertible

Rare right-hand-drive 'Topo' in lovely condition and totally charming. Compared to other cars, these vintage Fiats look incredibly good value-for-money at the moment.

SOLD £9540

1986 Alfa Romeo Spider S3

Very well presented, this S3 had been imported from Japan a few years back. Low mileage of 53k miles and, overall, a very good example. Cannot understand why it failed to reach its reasonable reserve.

UNSOLD (Est. £8750 - £9750)

1976 Lancia Fulvia 1.3 S3 Coupe

You can't help but full in love with a Fulvia Coupe. Particularly not a 46k mile import from Italy in such lovely, clean condition. Or, if you're one of the hundreds of bidders at ACA on the day, maybe you can because this beautiful car went unsold. When someone parted with nigh-on £12,000 for a 2.8 Capri, the Fulvia not finding a new home is a travesty.

UNSOLD (Est. £13,500 - £15,000)

1996 Alfa Romeo Spider 3.0 V6

This was probably the car that had us most intrigued in the run up to the preview day. A very unusual offering of an early Phase I Spider powered by a 3.0 12v V6 engine (something never officially sold here in the UK). Looking at it up close and personal, though, it just didn't warrant the anticipation. Converted to RHD, some poor paintwork, a heavy clutch reported by Jamie Porter, timing belt change overdue and an inspection report for suspected head gasket being the most recent receipt...we wanted to love it, but it sounded like a headache.

SOLD £4028

1973 Fiat 500L "Abarth"

It wouldn't be a classic car auction without an 'Abarth-ified' 500. Not our cup of tea, but this one did boast a 650cc engine.

UNSOLD (Est. £8500 - £10,000)

1983 Alfa Romeo Spider 1600 S3

Definitely the least tidy Spider in the sale, but it appeared perfectly usable. High mileage at 105k miles, but at least that means someone's enjoyed it as intended! Really liked the hardtop too, can't recall seeing one on an S3 beforehand. Bargain of the day was a toss-up between this and the Maserati Coupé.

SOLD £4346

1972 Fiat 500

Cosmetically tidy, but I'm afraid the incongruous LPG conversion dampened our interest somewhat. With neither classic Cinquecento selling, maybe we've reached peak 500?

UNSOLD (Est. £6000 - £8000)