Auction Report - ACA 14th April 2018, Classic Car Sale

We've been going to ACA's classic auctions for a number of years now, but cannot remember a sale with such a wide range of choice for any Italophile as this. Standing out in the list of 21 (!) Italian entries were the Fiat X1/9 Gran Finale with just 757 miles on the clock, a very well presented Lancia Fulvia and, the one that really got our interest piqued here at italicar, a 1-owner, 25k mile Fiat Panda Mania.



As varied as the offerings were, the results likewise differed hugely. Eye-wateringly high figures were being reached for some lots, while others languished way below their reserves for no obvious reason. Overall, the bidding activity once again points to a continuing upward trend for the more modern classics, while pre-70s models remain, largely, dormant. Check out the video, then see the details below (just make sure you're sitting down when you read what that X1/9 made!).

  • 1996 FIAT BARCHETTA UNSOLD (Est. £4000 - £5000)

The purists may not have appreciated the slight modifications and it wasn't immaculately tidy, but I've still never seen a Barchetta with the factory hard-top struggle like this. Bids reached a paltry £2700, had we not had several soft-tops in stock already, we'd have been tempted.

  • 1991 ALFA ROMEO 75 3.0 V6 UNSOLD (Est. £5000 - £6000)

This was our own car, and while we freely admit we hadn't got around to tackling the cosmetics, it still came as a huge surprise that a reliable, MoT-ed and solid 75 that's been in regular use for several, uninterrupted years couldn't reach any more than £4400. Still, on the upside, at least we get to finish it off and get it looking A1! Watch this space.

  • 1967 FIAT 850 SPIDER £8,692

A well presented example (though the Borrani wheels do the car no favours, in our opinion) imported from Italy in 2016 by a classic car specialist, but sadly unused by its subsequent purchaser as his wife wasn't comfortable with driving a LHD vehicle.

  • 2002 ALFA ROMEO SPIDER 2.0 £1450

An average example, but the purchase price was certainly very reasonable. Someone got some soft-top fun for not a lot of money here.

  • 1977 ALFA ROMEO ALFETTA GTV 2000 £8586

An Italian import, the period dealer decals still on the glass was a nice detail. The original estimate of £9000-£12,000 wasn't reached, but it seemed fair for such a nice, unmolested example.

  • 1970 ALFA ROMEO SPIDER 1750 £31,800

The first big surprise of the day for us, was this Spider soaring nearly £10,000 over its lower estimate. It had been painted in an odd quasi-metallic black which had a very lacklustre finish and was really rather unpleasant in the flesh (lots of people were heard commenting on it). Mileage was recorded at 52k, but the odometer didn't work so that was a bit of a moot point! Other than this, it was a decent enough offering, but we've seen nicer examples make considerably less.

  • 2001 ALFA ROMEO 166 3.0 SPORTRONIC UNSOLD (£2250-£2750)

We're big fans of the big cruiser here, particularly with a 3.0 V6 engine mated to the full-auto Sportronic gearbox (we sold a beautiful one last year, in fact), so expected this to sell. 73k miles, rare wheels and a reasonable history, £2250 was a bargain and this was unfairly ignored.

  • 1999 ALFA ROMEO GTV 3.0 £1650

Perhaps the bargain of the day. Green with the pepperpot wheels might not be everyone's spec' of choice when buying a GTV, but when did you last see a Busso-powered 916 go this cheap? Obviously, it needed some work, but was a good basis to start from.

  • 1971 LANCIA FULVIA 1.3S £14,310

Italian import, under 50k miles and 99% original. Gorgeous, just gorgeous.

  • 2001 FERRARI 360 SPIDER £59,000

I'm not sure that a 360 Spider can ever look dull, but a silver-over-black one is probably as close as it gets.

  • 1971 FIAT 500 £9116

The vendor stated that this 500 had been "restored by Abarth in Italy". What this actually means I'm really not sure, but if modified cinquecentos are your thing, this seemed done nicely enough.

  • 1992 FIAT PANDA MANIA £2226

A 1-owner, 25k mile Panda in totally "unrestored condition" certainly had our ears pricked, and the cheque book was open for this. Sadly, it didn't really live up to our expectations. Poor repair to the bottom of the passenger door, substandard paint to both front "wing" sections and a large dent to the tailgate. A nice Panda, but not a great one. The price it reached would suggest others would disagree with us, however!

  • 1970 FIAT 500 L £4346

Fairly standard for any 500 fresh off the boat from Italy - plenty of filler evident in the paintwork, chasm-like shutlines and questionable history.

  • 1986 ALFA ROMEO SPIDER £7314

Nothing exceptional, but nothing untoward either. Given the staggering result for the 1750 Veloce, I thought this honest-looking S3 might do a little better.

  • 2009 moto guzzi v7 classic unsold (£4750 - £5750)

I know nothing about motorbikes, really, but this looked interesting. Nice shiny bits and pleasingly retro stylings (yes, that's the extent of my "expert" opinion).

  • 2002 FERRARI 360 MODENA £57,000

I know, I know. We like originality here, and modifying a Ferrari is almost sacrilegious, but this 360 looked beautiful. Repsrayed in Lamborghini Celeste Phoebe (originally it was TDF Blue), it was my pick from the entire day. Make sure you watch the video above to see it in its full glory.

  • 1969 Fiat abarth 750 £11,024

Another modified 500, this one with a 750cc engine. Sat well and had some pleasing little details - a test drive would have been fun!

  • 1969 Fiat 850 coupe £5,724

A leftover from January's sale at ACA (see our report here), with a lower reserve this time it sold. Seemed a very good buy at this price to me.

  • 1989 fiat x1/9 gran finale £16,112

They saved the best to (almost) last. A timewarp icsunonove that had covered a genuine 757 miles from new. The paintwork was spot-on, the interior incredible and it was, undoubtedly, a very unique find but....who on earth tacked that ruddy spoiler onto the boot?!

  • 2003 alfa romeo 156 gta s.wagon unsold (£7500-£9000)

Although the 3.2 engined 156 models have recently sky-rocketed (it was only about a year or so ago you could buy a decent one for £5000-£6000) this particular one was probably a good detail away from making its reserve.

  • 1989 maserati 228 £4028

As much as we have a soft-spot for this maligned era in Maserati's history, you'd have to be both brave and wealthy to entertain restoring this rather tired 228. Lets hope it's gone to someone who is both, rather than looking to break it for spares.