Alfa Romeo Spider S2 1750

This rather lovely Alfa Romeo Spider S2 1750 was delivered to us fresh from a renowned classic car auction, where our client had purchased it over the telephone without ever having seen it. In fact, he had it shipped straight to us and tasked us with getting it just as he wanted it before he’d so much as opened the door!

Over the subsequent months we did…..well, we pretty much did everything! Stripped the engine down, overhauled any tired component, fitted the Alfaholics exhaust system, converted the front end to the earlier cowled headlight style, gave it a full respray, fitted a new roof, replaced some interior upholstery….and so much more. A lot of work went into this stylish classic.

When it’s new owner collected it and drove it 200+ miles home on a balmy evening and told us just how much he’d enjoyed it, though, it was worth every single second.

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